Living with Strengths and Challenges

Whenever I do a speech and language evaluation, I use measurement tools to tease out individual communication strengths and challenges. But, I was also trained to put these skills together to get an idea of the functional communication of the person in the real world. I am eternally grateful for this training, because to look at one or the other (individual competence vs. the whole picture) would only tell half the story. And I am constantly surprised that some of my clients are great at individual skills, but cannot put them together functionally; while other folks struggle with individual areas of communication but look competent during functional communication.

Why would any of this be important? Because it impacts our confidence and success in life to know our strengths and challenges so we can enhance a strength, or learn and use strategies to compensate for a challenge. To boost young children’s confidence, support teams can set up good learning environments and provide opportunities for practice.

When we know that there is a way to solve our difficulties, it eliminates a sense of failure. And what a different world it would be if no one felt like a failure!

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