About Me

Kathy Puckett, Speech Language Pathologist - Western MassachusettsI have been a speech-language pathologist for many years and my passion to help people with communication difficulties just continues to grow. There are continuous, new discoveries to learn about and apply!

I bring three distinct qualities to my practice:

  • I have a broad view of the life cycle.
  • As an artist, I can’t help but use creative ways to problem solve and collaborate with my clients, caregivers, psychologists, and teachers to achieve pragmatic solutions.
  • I am very curious.

Life experience has taught me that a safe place is a prescription for healing and growth, leading to the achievement of one’s potential. Silliness and humor can aid in establishing a safe place. As one of my students told me years ago, “You make learning fun.” High praise from a teenager!!

During my years in this career, I’ve worked with people of all ages who need support to communicate with others. It’s been very enjoyable to get to know my clients and fulfilling to be a part of their growth.

Can I help you or someone you care for? Contact me.